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Since Marc-Antonio was a teenager, he has been fully focused on professional photography.  He started his career working in a small photo shop and later joined The Masterclass of Photography Arts in Vienna, Austria.  During his early years as a photographer, Marc-Antonio worked for several professional photographers and in professional photo shops in Austria and abroad.  His technical skills, experience and knowledge of the Austrian photography market opened the doors to management positions in famous companies like Sony and Samsung, where he was responsible for development and sales in the Austrian market.  After a few years in management, Marc-Antonio decided to get back to his roots- behind the camera.  Since then, he has been working as a freelance photographer and owns his own studio in Vienna with his wife, Ina.

Currently he lives in Vienna and works as a fine art and commercial photographer.

He’s obsessed with light and loves creating worlds for his clients to step into.


School of Technical Engineering

Masterclass Photography Vienna

Awards & Nominations:

Nominee of Sony World Photography Award,  Spider Award,

Austrian Wedding Award

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Manuguerra Photographie

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Fotograf für Portraitfotos, Bewerbungen, Magazine, Hochzeiten und Artwork  

Wien / Niederösterreich / Burgenland / Oberösterreich / Kärnten / Steiermark / Salzburg / Tirol

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